Dairy Farming Business Plan Samples

Any cattle farming business when done in proper and in scintifically manner with effective business plan leads to success.Mostly in every part of india cattle farmers are having lack of knowledge and also thery are not aware of the latest methodology and technique due to which they are not succeeding in this business.We must have surplus area of land preferebly 2 acre for 15 cows for green fodder cultivation.Mineral mixture :- It is essential that minerals concentrate given to the cattle to overcome the mineral deficiency.Shed should be in some elevated area to avoid rainfall water to come inside. The floor must be made of bricks and cement with proper inclination so that the urine or excrete can drain easily.Proper Drainage system should be there to drain the urine on either side of the shed to avoid the stagnation.

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On the other hand in tail to tail arrangement Feeder or menzer is constructed on either side of the shed so the cows are fed in tail to tail position.

For breed selection we must take care of the breed which is adapted to our climatic condition and their milk yielding capability.

For this we suggest the cross breed of Holstein fresian(HF) with Indian sahiwal. Also cross breed of jersey and red sindhi is preferrable for the good milk yield.

So for shed construction choose area which has proper light and sun with little elevation from normal ground level.

For construction use cement and bricks and asbestos sheet can be used as the roof of the shed.

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