Custom Config Writescope

There are step by step directions for registering an application but here’s the resulting screenshot for this particular Web App sample.I bold Web App as to not confuse with Web API project.

And as client app dev, there’s A LOT of ramping up I have in front of me. Just like my first punch thrown in karate 20 years ago, you just have to start somewhere…

Anytime “something” needs to talk to B2C, that something has to be registered with B2C, hence why you’ll hear a lot about registering your app or service to B2C.

All this registering is done via the Azure portal Before we jump into registering our applications, let’s find out a bit more about these two projects included in our sample so we know what we’re registering with B2C.

And when this string is decoded, you can see things (e.g.

Display name, permissions/scopes) inside (called claims). When a token decoded, you can see what permissions (or scopes) are defined (or claimed) within this token.

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