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There are many who would view themselves as supporting animal rights while still eating meat, or those who would be repulsed by animal abuse but who view animal laboratory testing as essential to saving human lives.Many on both sides also view compromise as impossible.On one side of this controversy are those who see vaccines as essential preventive medicine that saves lives and guards the public health.

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Your position on these topics may say a great deal about you, your worldview, your personal sense of ethics, your cultural identity, and your emotional instincts.Many pro-life advocates take the view that life begins at the moment of conception. For pro-life advocates, this position justifies — and to some, even demands — government intervention.The debate over abortion often pits questions of faith and religious belief against privacy and women’s rights. Whether you’re engaged in a spirited classroom discussion, a lively political disagreement among friends, or a full-fledged, boots-on-the-ground protest because your dining hall canceled Taco Tuesday, college is the time to sharpen your debate skills. This means that to do your best work, you’ll want to choose a topic that means something to you.Lucky for you, you’ll have plenty of opportunities because you must write a position paper at some point. If you’re searching for a subject to debate, or if you just need help refining your position, check out the 12 powder-keg topics below.Disagreements between the two sides often escalate into philosophical and legal challenges regarding either the use of public spaces for religious expression or the restriction thereof.These differing viewpoints have clashed over subjects such as the mention of God in the Pledge of Allegiance, the display of the Ten Commandments in public spaces, and the right of businesses to deny service to others on the basis of religious beliefs.The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Simply stated, this amendment protects every American’s religious freedom.However, there is often significant and impassioned disagreement over how that freedom can and should be expressed in public spaces.So, each of these topics would make a fine starting point for your persuasive essay or position paper.What follows is a straightforward presentation of some of today’s top, ongoing, public debates. The gun control debate hinges on how we interpret and wield the Second Amendment.

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