Cultural Analysis Essay Essays On Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Cultural analysis understands culture, therefore, as a constantly changing set of practices that are in dialogue with the past as it has been registered through texts, images, buildings, documents, stories, myths.In addition to having a relation to disciplines also interested in cultures as what people do and say, believe and think, such as ethnography and anthropology, cultural analysis as a practice in the humanities considers the texts and images, the codes and behaviours, the beliefs and imaginings that you might study in literature, philosophy, art history.Starting with the differences, the Mexican culture has a different inclination on what prompts their interest in conversations.In North America, it is easy to elicit conversations through fairy tales and detective stories as these thrill a significant part of the American communication.This is attributed to the rate at which technology is transforming the world across borders and making interactions between people of different cultures easier.

The social and cultural present from which we look at past cultural practices—history— shapes the interpretations that are made of the past, while cultural analysis also reveals how the past shapes the present through the role of cultural memory for instance.

The first question will ask recognizable differences on how people communicate in America as compared to Mexico.

The second question will focus on whether there is equity across gender groups in the Mexican culture.

Interview analysis The interview which took about 30 minutes brought out certain differences as well as similarities between the two cultures.

Most importantly, it helped provide information on how communication can be facilitated between the two cultures.

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