Csu Essay Prompts 2015 Feminist Essays On Pride And Prejudice

Beginning in 2009, increasingly more online assignments, quizzes, practice assignments, and recorded lectures have been added to the very large-section classes to facilitate students' progress through the course.Overall averages have increased from 74 to 78.5, enabling far less of a bottleneck in the course.I will incorporate auditory and visual instructional strategies via short videos.

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Discover faculty created e Portfolios documenting their course redesign experiences and accomplishments by entering a search term or browsing by discipline.

This redesign seeks to implement virtual labs to reduce bottlenecking while updating EES1 lab curriculum into something that engages students at more innovative, modern levels of learning.

One of the prerequisites for the dynamics course is statics (ENGR30).

Like statics and dynamics, ME 311 is characterized by high enrollment and high repeat rates - since Fall 2007, approximately one-third of ME 311 students have received repeatable grades (W, D or F), with another third receiving C’s.

This project resulted in the creation of various supplemental materials including modular video tutorials, recorded in-class lectures, and the curation of videos that demonstrate fluid mechanics concepts.

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