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To reconstruct an argument means to interpret a text.

Reconstruction is guided by the principle of charity (make the reconstructed argument as strong as possible! Consequently, one cannot separate sharply reconstruction and evaluation.

No premisses are added, no text is deleted, no sentences are logically streamlined.

So it’s pivotal that a textbook makes use of realistic, sufficiently complex examples.

Concerning realistic examples, all books reviewed do fairly well: they discuss many and sufficiently long reasonings.

Secondly, and more importantly, I assess the textbooks against a couple of key beliefs, which I shall state upfront: Argument analysis makes explicit the informal judgments involved in natural language reasoning and argumentation.

In particular, a good reconstruction uncovers all the hidden assumptions an argument relies on (to make them amenable to critique) and shows, in the same time, which premisses are actually unneeded.

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