Critical Thinking Skills Worksheet

Yes, it can be irritating when your child insists their t-shirt is aquamarine, not turquoise, or reprimands you for calling their sandals shoes, but pedantry can actually be an asset.‘A good critical thinker is also a pedant,’ explains Peter.‘As a philosopher, I often hear people say, “But isn’t that just semantics? Sometimes life and death and even wars have hinged on semantic confusion or a lack of clarity.’‘Perhaps the most important thing you can do to help your child become a critical thinker is to model good critical thinking yourself,’ explains Peter.You can find ideas for topics that you might like to discuss in Peter’s books, Critical thinking involves thinking something through to its possible conclusions.

If your child is to become a critical thinker, they need to be a good listener, with a concept called an Open Questioning Mindset (OQM).‘OQM is listening, but not just stopping yourself from talking; it is attempting to understand, giving the other person space to think and talk, not imposing your thoughts or interpretations on them, and not questioning them to trip them up or stop them in their tracks,’ Peter says.You can find out more about philosophy clubs from The Philosophy Foundation.If there isn’t one in your area, The Philosophy Foundation can help you set one up.Being able to say whether they agree or disagree with something, and why, is a sign that your child is thinking critically.‘Be aware, however, that just because someone says, “I disagree,” it doesn’t mean they’re thinking critically,’ Peter explains.‘For thinking to be properly critical, one needs to disagree in the right way.’For example, you can encourage your child to give reasons or examples that show why they agree or disagree with something.‘Ask, “Do you agree?’For example, ‘What does it mean if we say one should never lie?’This is a good habit to develop when your child is doing reading comprehension.Try stopping the story at the crisis moment or decision, and asking your child what they think will happen, and why, and what they think should happen, and why.In this culture of ‘fake news’, how can your child tell whether something they’ve heard is true or not?Key Stage 2 SATs in English, for example, include a reading comprehension paper, where your child will have to make inferences and deductions from set texts.Indeed, research has suggested that children who are taught critical thinking skills do better at language comprehension and problem-solving, and even have a higher IQ than their peers.‘Children are not only capable of critical thinking from an early age, but they actually do it, too,’ says Peter.‘For example, children as young as five and six use counter-examples (“Not all birds fly; penguins are birds, and they don’t fly”), draw distinctions (“Heroes are not the same as superheroes”), and challenge inference-making (“Just because he’s the biggest, it doesn’t mean he should get more”).’Here’s how to help your child hone these skills as they grow.

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