Critical Thinking Sample Questions

You should never aim to just pass the test because most law firms will use the Watson Glaser test results to decide between candidates who are doing equally well as each other in other parts of the recruitment process, like in their training contract applications.

You can boost your chances of achieving the best score in the Watson Glaser by using our free Watson Glaser online practice test.

We are also told that the problems discussed were selected by the students themselves.

These points do not definitively prove that the statement is true.

It is tempting to make this assumption, because at the 8-month point vocabulary is described as zero, and this may coincide with when many children learn to walk.

But this idea doesn’t appear in the statement, and so is an assumption based on outside knowledge The aim of the Watson Glaser evaluation of arguments questions is to assess whether you can distinguish strong arguments from weak ones.

For the interpretation questions of the Watson Glaser test, you need to understand the significance of a piece of information and apply it logically.

Sitting a Watson Glaser test is part of the training contract recruitment process.Strong arguments are highly relevant, realistic and challenge the argument given.The key to answering these questions is to disregard your personal opinion and think logically.This guide outlines the different parts of the Watson Glaser test and how to tackle the types of questions that are likely to come up.Read on for top tips and strategies using Watson Glaser practice questions to guide you through your preparation.Top Five Ways to Improve Your Watson Glaser Test Performance With the Watson Glaser’s deduction questions, you are given a passage followed by a number of proposed conclusions to it.You must decide whether or not the conclusion ‘follows’, or ‘does not follow’ the information given in the passage.Go to the Watson Glaser Practice Test In the Assessment of Inference section of the test, the questions are focused around one statement.You must assume that all of the information in these statements is true and not use any outside knowledge to inform your answer.Think about the assumptions task above and apply the same logic here.Bear in mind that a conclusion cannot be an assumption.

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