Critical Thinking Exam Questions And Answers

The questions may have multiple perspectives that should be factored in while determining the solution of the given problem.You may have to analyze the problem from different viewpoints and arrive at a solution after evaluating the merits and demerits of different choices at hand.The questions given in the Watson Glaser test may have multiple perspectives to look at them, and each of these perspectives may have a different correct answer.It is important for you to understand the context of the question before arriving at a conclusion.While doing this, you may miss vital pieces of information in the passage that could be the deciding factor for answering the questions correctly.Every sentence and statement in the given question should be read carefully and no part should be skipped.The passage should be read multiple times before answering a question to get a thorough understanding and ensure that no data has been overlooked.

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The test questions should be answered at a generous pace, assigning each question its full quota of time without rushing through.There may be a sentence in the question that presents a fact or a logic from a given perspective, and there may be another statement contradicting the former.This counter statement may immediately follow the original sentence where the chances of it being misinterpreted by you are high; or it may be hidden somewhere else in the passage, in between more relevant data and so it may not be easily recognized.Watson Glaser tests help to determine the understanding, analyzing and decision-making capabilities of different individuals.They are usually timed, and the candidates are required to answer the given questions in the enforced time limits.While answering the test, you should look for such statements that contradict each other and defy the logic.The whole answer to the question should be based on the presence of such statements and the logical relationship between them.The questions in the Watson Glaser test are usually complex and the time required to answer each question or section may not be predicted.Some questions may take less time while others may take a while to solve.Moreover, the statement may be divided into multiple meaningful word segments, and then the change in the flow of the statement with the words can be figured out.Prior practice is an important part of the Watson Glaser test as it is for any other test.

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