Critical Thinking Elements

I may also have to think about it from the point of view of the patient’s culture, because lots of times cultural beliefs get in the way of people receiving good medical care.

I also may have to think about it from a hospital’s point of view, and I have to think about it from the insurance company’s point of view, and from the point of view of how affordable this is for my patients in question.

So, here’s the thing that I’ve tried out often and I recommend to others, you say something, and somebody you know disagrees angrily or gets angry at you.

Sometimes we do this naturally, but it’s also good to do it when it doesn’t come naturally, to ask myself: I’m not saying I’ve got to heed, or just go blindly along with how the child is thinking about it, but I do want to be familiar, to understand, how the child might be looking at it, or how the child’s peers might be looking at it. Well, because peers have a great deal of influence on how my child acts, and by understanding that, I have a better insight into what’s going on, and that gives me better ways of addressing questions and issues that might come up with respect to my child.Let’s state the obvious: Why is critical thinking important? Nosich: It’s important because it’s essential for just about everything we do. You can be a parent on autopilot, but by and large you’re going to be better off if you’re asking yourself: It would be good for me to check out what are the questions I should ask him or her when my child comes home or when they’re engaged in something that I consider risky.So I’m going to be asking those questions and it will tend to, I’d say strongly, to make me a better parent or a better nurse or a better doctor or a better teacher or a better student. Thinking, just thinking, underlies virtually everything we do.I believe that a lot of people, they consider their own perspective to be synonymous with objective reality.And so if you don’t see it the way that they see it, well then you’re just wrong! Nosich: Well, let me say something about that, by another person’s point of view, I’m not necessarily meaning that the other person’s point of view is accurate.I’m engaged in some decision, and there’s some question I should be asking, and it’s kind of staring me in the face, and I don’t notice it. So it would help me if I paused for a moment and asked: That is, I’m using point of view in the plural.So if I’m a doctor, I’m going to be thinking from a medical point of view, but I also have to think about the patient’s point of view.Or if I’m using a particular concept like is this fair?I can ask myself, what do I mean by ‘fair’ in this particular circumstance?In this article I interview an expert on Critical Thinking, Dr.Gerald Nosich from the Foundation for Critical Thinking, who has been teaching Critical Thinking since 1977 to find out how we can improve our Critical Thinking skills.

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