Critical Thinking Curriculum

In order to meet the standards, set forth by the OAC and to realize its vision, the Curriculum Unit developed a Comprehensive Curriculum Document (CCD), which acts as a guide for teachers and administrators and helps them deliver quality education.This document was revised as per the suggestions of teachers, students and other stake-holders through questionnaires, end-semester reports, etc.The above definitions lend themselves to three different approaches to curriculum development, which were analysed to arrive at a framework for developing curriculum at the CPS.These approaches are forward approach, central approach and backward approach.These revisions were disseminated through the document to the teachers.

The General Foundation Program (GFP) at the SQU was developed and introduced at the Centre for Preparatory Studies in the academic year 2009-2010.

The elements in all these three approaches are tabulated as follows: Table 1.

Approaches to Curriculum Development Learning outcomes were at the forefront in the curriculum design at the CPS because of the approach and the methodology of teaching.

Therefore, the Foundation Program is a “constantly developing context” (Burns, 2013, p. Consequently, the program is designed to: (a) Equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for undertaking university education (b) Provide students with sufficient analytical skills and knowledge in their areas of study (c) Improve the efficiency of teaching and learning in the classroom through students’ independent study (d) Provide quality education in English language, Arabic language, Mathematics, Information Technology, and Life Skills (Comprehensive Curriculum Document, 2017).

The Foundation Program English language (FPEL) curriculum consists of six proficiency levels.

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