Critical Thinking Cartoons

On the other hand, one of the major challenges of teaching economics is students need to have the knowledge and skills to adapt to the changing economic environment (Rogojanu, 2015).

Furthermore, the majority of secondary school students are also the future university graduates in Malaysia.

This negative perception is one of the obstacles that further makes it difficult for students to perform well in this subject.

Consequently, there is a detrition of the students that taking economics because they found that this subject is difficult to score. Most Malaysian students rely solely on textbooks and memorization to score well in the examination (Khoo, 2008; Asikainen, Virtanen, Parpala, & Lindblom-Ylänne, 2013).

Schools often encourage teachers to impart as much information as possible within the limited time allocated to them (Schaferman, 1991; Brevik, Fosse & Rødnes, 2014; Curdt-Christiansen, 2010).

Researchers have suggested that teachers should conduct better teaching in economics especially when the students nowadays take this subject in order to develop critical thinking (Johnston, James, Lye & Mc Donald, 2000; Khoo, 2011).

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In addition, critical thinking is one of the important components of the secondary school economics syllabus.To think like an economist is the capacity to make a decisions, to be open to new evidence and the capacity to solve problems in daily life (Willingham, 2007).In short, it is the specific application of critical thinking to a problem area.However, the majority of economics teachers still rely heavily on chalk and talk (Khoo, 2008) in their lessons.Without more sophisticated teaching and learning methods, it will be difficult to develop students’ thinking skills.My critical thinking cartoons are available to license and download at affordable rates for websites, social media, presentations, newsletters, e-mail campaigns, advertising, publications, public speaking events and more.When you find a critical thinking cartoon you like, just click the image to view the larger cartoon and download options.While economics is often regarded as a difficult subject, it is reasonable to expect that students’ can apply economic principles to their daily lives.However, what does it mean to think like an economist?Custom cartoons are priced to fit the budget of any individual or organization and are a great way to get your own unique message across with humor. Critical Thinking, Performance, Concept Cartoons, Peer Learning, Secondary School.

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