Critical Thinking As Level Ucas Points Mba Optional Essay

Important update (Oct 2015): The government will be scrapping the General Studies A-level as it has been deemed undevelopable within the new A-level reforms coming into place in the next few years.It will no longer be available to take from 2017 with 2018 being the final A-level exams to take place. For example, if a student has achieved a good grade in general studies (e.g.Taking lots of ASs and including music qualifications and general studies counts for most of it.Clearly an exceptional case but, one person in my uni course had 10As at A-level plus AEAs and some music qualifications - must be over 1400 points?and 555 would require 4 A*'s 'minimum' It will include things like general studies which are generally not accepted by unis, but schools make students take them. I was checking the average UCAS Points for first year students at Warwick University doing Mathematics and they average out 540 between them.So 3 A's at A Level, with an additional A in general studies, and then an A in the AS they dropped is 540. Some students will also have taken music exams that are given UCAS points, although again generally aren't accepted by unis. Take note, that this is only the 'average' meaning some people will have scored higher than 540 (unless by 'average' they use the 'mode' and 540 is the most common number, as well as being the highest).The UCAS website states specifically that you can't do this, as it would be counting the qualification twice.

The Welsh Baccalaureate, also known as the Welsh Bac or WBQ, is designed to combine the traditional qualifications you are working towards (A-Levels or NVQs), with experiences and projects that help you develop your personal skills, and equip you for your next steps – for work, university and for life.It may actually mean securing a place at a competitive university such as Aston.In this case, no mention is made about general studies - but it may still prefer other subjects. There are always exceptions, but many universities will not count it as one of your accepted qualifications to get into university. The course content is usually a broad mixture of politics and current affairs, culture, technology and science.This leads to loopholes where you can get more points more easily (by sitting more ASs instead of A2s in year 13), so the current system is flawed and they should change it to take into account that A2s are harder.If you get an A level in (for example) Geography, you get two qualifications.Say you get an A, that brings your total to 600 points. meaning that you could easilly get 540 points without getting all As or taking any more qualifications than normal.EDIT: To anyone confused by this post, I was in fact wrong - the overall A level cancels out the corresponding AS as far as UCAS points are concerned (as long as the points for the overall A level are more than the points for the AS - there are some counterexamples to this in which the AS points cancel out the overall A level points).It won’t count as a subject-specific entry requirement, either.For example, if you need to get two As in physics and maths and a B in another subject to study engineering at Southampton University, you can’t offer your Welsh Bac as one of the As.In these cases only the qualification with the higher Tariff score will be counted.This principle applies to: BTEC National Award, Certificate and Diploma (NQF) BTEC National Certificate, Subsidiary Diploma, Diploma and Extended Diploma (QCF) CACHE Award, Certificate and Diploma in Child Care and Education Essential Skills Wales at levels 2 and 3 GCE Advanced Subsidiary level and GCE Advanced level OCR i Media level 3 Certificate and Diploma Irish Leaving Certificate at Ordinary and Higher levels OCR i PRO Certificate and Diploma Key Skills at level 2, 3 and 4 OCR National Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers Speech, drama and music awards at grades 6, 7 and 8.

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