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The child returns, buys him, sews on the button and Corduroy happily joins her family. Does anyone know what the material called corduroy looks and feels like? Read the story aloud and ask the following questions to encourage students to explore the story's meaning and assess Corduroy's solution: What was Corduroy doing in the store after it closed? "Why do some people care about things like missing buttons and other people don't? (If necessary, discuss the meaning of 'symbol'.) To be loyal to the flag is to show respect for it.

Students are asked questions like the following: Who is Corduroy? (Pass around a piece of corduroy.) Why did Corduroy go out into the store? Why did he think it was important to find the button? How important was the missing button to the mother? We do this as a way of showing respect for our nation.

To help teachers generalize from specific remodeling moves, and so facilitate their grasp of strong sense critical thinking and how it can be taught, we have devised a list of teaching strategies. Ideas as important and complex as 'good citizenship' aren't covered in sufficient depth.

Each strategy highlights an aspect of critical thought. S-15 Have you ever seen or experienced a similar disagreement? Furthermore, many lessons lead students to believe that our ideals are uniquely American, ignoring how many other countries have similar ideals.

They tended to confuse our ideals with our practice, thereby failing to suggest that it takes work to better live up to ideals.

The lessons we reviewed on the subject over-emphasized the flag, while de-emphasizing allegiance to the country.

That's why it's important for students to analyze, think effectively, and understand that not everything is black and white.

The basic idea behind lesson plan remodeling as a strategy for staff development in critical thinking is simple. The common belief that loving your country means finding no fault with it is a major obstacle to critical thought.

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S-19 Do you think an adult would buy a teddy bear with a button missing? If we select our leaders, then who is responsible for our government? (Discuss how the country is made up of land, people, and government, and so we have to care for all three.)Our country has ideals, some of which are in the pledge.He looks all over the store and finally ends up in the bed department where he sees a button on a mattress and tries to pull it off. To lay the foundation for exploring thoughts underlying feelings and comparing perspectives in the story, the teacher could first set up a role play in which several children are wearing pictures of toys while a mother and child walk past shopping for the best toy. If your favorite animal could think, what would he or she have thought while being bought? Groups of students could use the dictionary to look up the words in the pledge and rewrite the pledge in their own words.He falls off the mattress, knocks over a lamp and the night guard finds him and returns him to the toy department. After a few minutes, stop and ask the toys how they felt, then ask the child how he or she was choosing, then ask the mother how she was choosing. "Editors' note: The teacher could extend the discussion on the differences between the perspectives and standards of the girl and her mother (a common sort of difference between children and grown-ups). We then recommend a thorough discussion of the pledge, such as that described below. (Use 'allegiance to a friend' as an analogy to enhance discussion.) So we are making a promise to be loyal. (Flag and country.) The flag is a symbol of our country. Students work together to record their answers. and Think Dots My number has nine digits It is evenly divisible by 100The value of one of the digits is 700,000The digit in the millions place is both even and prime The digit in the hundreds place is the temperature at which water freezes The digit in the ten millions place is triple the number in the millions place The digit in the thousands place is the number of fluid ounces in a cup The digit in the hundred millions place is a special number because it is a factor of every number. Students roll die to determine which 3 activities to complete.3.(Discuss 'ideals'.) 'Indivisible' means something that stays whole, and is not split into parts.(Use households as an analogy to generate a discussion of why unity is important.) (Define 'liberty' and 'justice'.) We say "with liberty and justice for all." Why are these things important? How would you feel if you couldn't decide anything for yourself?(Discuss) S-7Therefore, when we say the pledge, we promise to respect the flag and be good citizens.Since we live in a republic, the citizens are responsible for the government. Instructor will count, "1-2-3" ..slam your answer down in the middle of the table6. Instructor clarifies/verifies Students work from a 2x2 or 3x3 grid in a tic-tac-toe format Activities in each box represent Bloom's type activities, such as:- create a drawing that shows...- write 3 sentences that correctly use the terms _________, ___________, and _______________.- create a comic strip that includes...- make a game in which players .... Teacher creates a numbered 6 box graphic with varied activities on a student expectation.2.Critical thinking is more than just a simple thought process.

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