Critical Lens Essay On The Color Purple

My matriculation through the University of Illinois-Urbana under Joanna Mc Clay and Kay Holley exposed me to a course of study quietly nestled within the college of communications formally entitled Performance Studies.

The Performance Studies discipline was also lauded as Literary School of Oral Interpretation.

The particular things I will illustrate are the interpretation of the original story and societal issues it stirred up, one dealing with depictions of African-American males, and perceptions of African-American female beauty.

I also want to use the work to highlight the cathartic nature of journal writing.

Alice Walker, 1944–, African-American novelist and poet, b. The daughter of sharecroppers, she studied at Spelman College (1961–63) and Sarah Lawrence College (B. She brings her travel experience in Africa and memories of the American civil-rights movement to an examination of the experience of African Americans, mainly in the South, and of Africans.

It is my hope that the curriculum unit will enable me to clearly chart an effective course by which this vulnerable yet life-changing experimentation can take place.

Self-Esteem is an issue many African-American youth, especially young girls, contend with as they see iconographic images of what it means to be beautiful, with no trace of themselves in these images.

We have come along way, with ads such as "Dove" promotions that emphasize the diverse imperfect faces and bodies that promote the profound beauty of everyday women, and with artists like India Arie and Pink who use music as a political tool addressing America's unhealthy perceptions of beauty, especially as it relates to black women. Fantasia experienced and still battles with many self-esteem issues, like her facial features and body image, as well as her battle to overcome illiteracy.

My girls especially need to have exposure to the Fantasia's factual and Celie's fictive life.

Exposure will enable them to recognize the efficacious and powerful connection this American Idol and literary protagonist share, validating their own real world experiences.

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  1. L’audioprothésiste ne s’occupe pas seulement de personnes âgées, mais aussi de personnes plus jeunes confrontées à une perte auditive précoce ou à des acouphènes.