Critical Essay On Twilight

Per the trend started with the widespread release of the Lord of the Rings films and the success of Harry Potter, Theorizing Twilight is an academic breakdown of the deeper themes, trends, and symbols ...

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Natalie Wilson pens one of the only academic blogs analyzing Twilight and its cultural impact.

It involves 16-year-old Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), a girl looking to make a fresh start with her father in Forks, Washington (she’s originally from Phoenix, Arizona).

It doesn’t take her long to make some friends (it’s never hard for cute girls, is it?

Director Catherine Hardwicke starts off with good character development and build-up but trails off into an indistinguishable mess.

Bella is a mature for her age, likable girl, making it easy to identify with her and her uncomfortable situation (how many of us have found ourselves trying to fit in and trying to make friends? Edward, well let’s just say he doesn’t warrant as much buy-in, which for the part is okay.

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