Criteria For Writing A Reflective Essay

They should provide background information and include narrative elements such as plot, characters, setting and conflict.Reflective essays should present events in a clear format such as chronologically.Provide background and personal information in the context of the essay topic.The point of view of your essay can be in first or third person but should be consistent.The best childhood experience, date, trip to Europe, rock gig of a favorite band, and some other topics are good.Read tips about choosing the best title for your reflection paper based on a topic here.A reflective essay incites the writer to reflect on topics from the framework of personal experience.Reflective essays must have a clearly defined focus with a consistent point of view.

Make this statement realistic and able to be substantiated with information provided in the body of your essay.

Ensure the paragraph is free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

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They are completely different pieces of writing, each of which has its own purpose.

The author isn’t expected to persuade the reader that his or her standpoint is the only true one.

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