Creon Tragic Hero Essay

Under Creon’s edict, this incurs the death penalty for the headstrong young woman.

Creon becomes increasingly stubborn, eventually showing hubris, which the gods could not ignore for any longer.

The purpose of a tragic character, therefore, is to produce these emotions by being raised to a great height and then sent plummeting down.

An effective tragedy causes the audience’s emotions to mirror this rise and fall.

The character Creon may not be seen as a tragic hero because of his tasteless acts, but he contains the traits eligible to be the tragic hero in "Antigone." As seen in the novel, Creon exhibits habits seen in today's life, even though Sophocles wrote this novel a long time ago.

It is obvious that Creon displays an immense amount of stubbornness throughout the story.

He insults Hades by dishonouring death, Aphrodite by breaking up the marriage of Haemon and Antigone, Earth by imprisoning Antigone in her alive and Zeus, saying to “Let the eagles carry his carcass up to the throne of Zeus”.

He refuses to listen to Antigone’s case and ignores his son’s pleas for reason and mercy.

Antigone’s tragedy comes because of her unswerving loyalty to her brother, Polynices, and her determination to give him burial honours despite the personal danger.Antigone fights for her beliefs of the divine law that one should always receive a proper burial after death, but Creon refuses and throws Antigone in jail.His stubbornness is seen here in this quote, "Go join them, then: if you must have your love, find it in hell! As seen in the quote, even after Antigone clearly makes sense in what she was doing, and the prophet also agrees with her, Creon turns to the ...He finds that he is too late, however, and rather tragically, Antigone has hung herself, Haemon falls on his sword before Creon’s eyes and the body of Creon’s wife is found shortly after, leaving Creon a broken man.Creon’s tragedy is his dilemma over how he deals with his headstrong niece, Antigone.He upholds the law of the polis, or city, and as king, upholds his edicts.When Antigone rebels against his law, he becomes stubborn, close minded and begins to commit hubris.An example is seen when Antigone wishes to give her brother, Polynieces a proper burial so he can go and be with the Gods.Creon as king wishes to have him rot in the fields of war because he disowned the state in the war that preceded the events.Creon is a character that is easy to relate to in a number of ways.First, he contains many flaws which in result causes many problems.

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