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Other tools: APFT calculator, risk calculator, build your own flash cards. It has been updated 36 times, new content comes monthly. Squatch at who is generously paying for your ticket.*Added Alpha Roster Feature, now create alpha rosters for QUICK AND EASY Soldier accountability and save them to . We've also got knowledge packages for quick reference and study:-200 Flashcards on NCO Topics-55 pages of appearance standards-11 philosophical essays from around the Army-23 Smart Cards Risk Assessment Matrix, SALUTE Report, LACE Report, Call for Fire, CBRNE 1 Report, 9 Line UXO/IED, 9 Line MEDIEVAL, Evaluate a Casualty, 5 S' of EPW Handling, OCOKA, GOTWA, METT-TC, OPORD Format, SITREP Format, Step Training Model, 7 Principles of Training (and more) -Counseling Tips-Suicide Prevention Literature-NCOERs: 1300 SAMPLE Bullets Duty Descriptions-NCO Creed -ASU Inspection Pictures-Weblinks to external resources The Army NCO Guide is running on its sixth year of providing awesome content to the Soldiers and NCOs of the U. To get to the top 2, a SMSgt or Chief and the equivalents in other services, means you are in the top 3% of the corps.Much is expected of and much is given by these leaders.All of you are now Master Sergeants, which means you have mastered the techniques and abilities required of noncommissioned officers.

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Highlight portions that are meaningful or interesting to you. *Write a 5-paragraph essay over your personal thoughts about the creed.: Introduction- introduce yourself to us, your instructors.The Cadet Training and Education Program is made up of four different leadership schools designed to assist cadets as they progress through the cadet program.These courses give cadets both the knowledge and skills to lead cadets at their level of responsibility.C/Lt Col Amanda Ringo will be the Cadet Commandant for this event.Please continue to watch this site for information on the application process and for submitting your forms once selected to serve as Cadre or Senior Mentor in this CTEP.This app provides real tools to use against the 10,000 things you've got to do as an NCO. Create rosters, take accountability and save as for your records.Wether your squad is all present and accounted for or you've got Troops all over the place we've got you covered with build your own notes.Achieving the rank of a Noncommissioned Officer in the Marine Corps is an important accomplishment for Marines.NCOs are responsible for setting the example for the junior Marines under us and to stay committed to excellence in all that we do, on and off duty.: Explain why you believe the NCO creed was selected as the reading for this assignment. Close your essay in a way that flows well with the tone you used for your essay and end it in a way that feels natural to you.No one is more professional than I, I am an a Noncommissioned Officer...

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