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GRAND MANAN FIELD STUDIES The Field Studies in Writing Program on Grand Manan brings students from the University of Arizona Creative Writing Program to Grand Manan Island in the Canadian Maritimes over the course of five summers (2015-2019).The pilot program is made possible by the appointment of Professor Alison Hawthorne Deming as Agnese Nelms Haury Chair in Environment and Social Justice.MFA students spend two weeks in southern Arizona exploring how literary and documentary arts can create humane responses to environmental, social justice and border issues in the region.The new southwest project is coordinated by recent MFA alumnus (and Grand Manan Field Studies alum) Francisco Cantú.She writes about how people value land (or disregard it), how the familial stories passed down contribute to our place-based attachments, and how our relationships with the landscape are both physical and psychological.She hopes to explore Native land use rights and the commodification of geographical locations that have been historically isolated, ignored, and placed in the path of destruction under the guise of development.Just Creative Writing and Indexing Services provides professional freelance assistance in both editing and/or indexing your material.

is a bilingual poet, performer, educator and DJ based in Tucson, Arizona.The project engages with island youth to mentor them in telling their stories of coming of age in this place where sustainability of the local culture is deeply tied to the sustainability of marine life.FIELD STUDIES SOUTHWEST In 2017 the University of Arizona Creative Writing Program launched a companion program, Field Studies Southwest, supported by the Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice.Emi Noguchi is an MFA candidate in Fiction at the University of Arizona.A New Jersey native, she has taught English and ESL in New Jersey, NYC, India, Japan, California, and Arizona.Recognizing the importance of a professional edit is the first step to moving from putting the story on paper, to becoming a successful, published writer.Learn More An index is vital to a nonfiction work, be it biography, history, science, math, or academic.A nonfiction book that does not have an index is truly a naked book; it might be the most fascinating book ever written, but if the reader cannot use it as a reference tool, it really has little value.Learn More In my other life, I read books and prepare book reviews for the New York Journal of Books.Her writing explores the intersections between mental health, the female body, and the environment, using mythology and folklore to interrogate these themes and the social-cultural circumstances from which they emerged. His writing explores issues of poverty, sexual violence, and suicide.He is currently working on a book that investigates the nature of creaturely life and serves as a foreground for the exploration of memories (both repressed and remembered) and the socio-political realities of American life.

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