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The final creative piece emerges from and embodies the research questions, decisions and discoveries made in the course of producing the work.

‘Research questions’ in relation to creative works are the underlying reference points, speculations and questions that writers have in mind when approaching new work.

While many fields of creative writing are indeed ruled by business, at the end of the day creative writing is meant to entertain, enlighten, and inspire significantly more than other writing types.

When international students begin researching creative writing programs often the first option they'll find in the field is screenwriting.

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It all boils down to what the end goal is: many autobiographies, informative books, and other nonfiction works are meant to have artistic and entertainment value beyond just blandly conveying information, placing them firmly in the realm of creative writing.Here, the research question might be about how to render or imaginatively inhabit an unarticulated consciousness.For a Ph D application, such driving research questions must be made manifest at an early stage.Many international students are interested in expressing themselves through writing and might even be looking into some sort of writing as a career. Creative writing is, of course, writing meant to express ideas creatively!It differs from other writing forms such as copywriting and technical writing in that creative writing is ultimately about generating material that has artistic and/or entertainment value, rather than writing that merely communicates information efficiently and objectively (technical writing), writing that directly promotes a product or service (copywriting), and so on.Fiction writing is a huge part of creative writing, covering media popular among writing students such as novels and short stories.These are written predominantly using prose, which, put in the simplest terms, means normal, non-rhythmic language.Creative writing research has been a growing strand within the wider research culture of the English and Creative Writing since 2008.The Contemporary Cultures of Writing Research Group engages in a number of activities including running seminar series in collaboration with The Institute of English Studies in London, on topics such as the rise of creative writing study, life writing and creativity’s relationship with translation.The Ph D focused on Creative Writing includes several kinds of research: Acts of writing, in their stages of spontaneous drafting, considered revision and redrafting, are recognised in the Ph D as a form of exploratory research that emerges from and refers to the creative process.Ph D researchers keep notebooks and a record of source materials.

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