Creative Writing Prompts Elementary Students

July Writing Prompts - Prompts include: the first Zeppelin, U. Independence Day, Apollo 11 and living on the moon, Sesame Street, Fingerprints, patents and more.

August Writing Prompts - Writing prompt topics include: signing of the Declaration of Independence, National Joke Day, Amelia Earhart, Speech, and much more.

The students can then glue the prompt into their journals.

At other times I like to put creative writing prompts in a can, have every student choose one, write, then share.

You can use these descriptive writing prompts in many ways, such as a free write or in their daily journal.

June Writing Prompts - Donut Day, Henry Ford and the first car, Donald Duck, Anne Frank, the 'Happy Birthday' song, and more.

come from experience, and students must be able to web their thoughts prior to putting them on paper.

Using story starters is a great way to begin making writing a daily habit.

Autistic students may need you to write for them or simply tell you their sentence - even getting to one sentence for some may take much longer than the other kids.

It's ok - work with where they are developmentally.

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