Creative Writing Picture Prompts For Kids

’Sentences Another good prompt is to give children a sentence – typically the opening sentence of a story – to build their writing on.Giving them a starter such as, ‘How was the dragon going to tell his father what he had done?

You can use any sort of picture – a cartoon, a photo, a piece of classic artwork – to inspire children’s imagination.

Aside from creating a published masterpiece someday, there are many benefits to teaching kids to write.

This can be done in part by stimulating their minds with some good writing prompts for kids.

‘One of my favourite picture prompts is a photo of a smashed chocolate egg, surrounded by tiny model workmen,’ Julia says.

You can either leave the picture blank, or add a caption to encourage children along the right lines: for example, a speech bubble on a person saying, ‘Where am I going?

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