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*watch the whole video below or enroll the course and get a certificate by following the link above Through hands-on weekly exercises with a focus on craft and process, as well as insights from the real-world practices of accomplished authors, this course explores the core elements of fiction writing necessary to build an outline.

You will learn the fundamentals of character development, world-building and the basics of storytelling architecture.

Designed with the prestigious creative writing school at the University of East Anglia • Study online using your home computer • Take our classes from anywhere in the world • Fully tutored, with feedback on your assignments from published writers • Small, friendly groups – maximum of 15 students per course Special offer: All creative writing online courses include a free 12-week digital subscription to Granta Magazine!

Special offer: All creative writing online courses include a free 12-week digital subscription to Granta Magazine!

Skillshare, Udemy, ed X, Futurelearn, Coursera and many more.

The list of online courses available nowadays can be endlessly long. ’s team has prepared for you the best selection of free (well, some are almost free 😉 ) writing courses that might become a great help to all of you who is eager to write.

You’ll consider the rituals of writing and keeping a journal; learn how to develop your ideas; reflect on your own writing and editing; hear writers talk about their approach to research; and start turning events into plot.

This course will take students through the process of writing from simple paragraphs to more complex writing structures and eventually research writing.

You will learn the mechanisms of working across a variety of script forms: TV, film, theatre and radio.

Whether you’ve got your heart set on working as a freelancer, writing a novel, publishing a children’s book, becoming a poet or just writing for the joy of it, this study will get the words flowing.

Studying online means that you can build your skills at a pace that suits you- perhaps fitting in your study around your work.

We will explore key principles as they’re expressed in great films, then immediately apply these concepts.

Videos, articles and discussion steps will offer you the opportunity to learn and engage with other learners on key concepts and ideas.

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