Creative Writing Exercises Kids

Writing is a skill that every person needs in life, and developing that skill in children is an important part of elementary school studies.

However, writing inspiration is not something that every student comes by easily.

Work together to make up your own bedtime story and you might find you've written a bestseller! From how to overcome writer’s block to what words to use to best effect, is designed to help all children unlock their story ideas and write their own best ever stories.

Packed with entertaining illustrations that will inspire your child, this book is filled with tips on how to write in particular genres, create exciting characters, and write powerful sentences using metaphors, similes, and idioms.

Is your child always making up stories about their favourite book characters, or characters they’ve invented?

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To help your child channel their inner author, we’ve asked the author of , Chris Edge to share with us his top 10 tips to help get your child writing.

Whether your child is a reluctant writer or on her way to becoming the next J. Rowling, she will acquire knowledge, confidence, and inspiration by accessing our writing worksheets.

Using a variety of lessons, writing prompts and freewriting activities, these writing worksheets help students of all ages sharpen their vocabulary, spelling, reading, penmanship, creative thinking, and even verbal skills simply by consistently putting pencil to paper.

Wordless picture books such as by Aaron Becker can help children to invent their own story to accompany the pictures.

If your child is a big fantasy fan and loves stories about dragons, wizards and monsters, encourage them to create their own magical land.

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