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Every piece of the writing should, in some way, relate to that theme.

It is what unifies a piece of writing and lets it stand alone as a meaningful expression.

Notice how the theme is introduced, and how it is developed. This process requires you to simply observe what thoughts, images, memories, people, events etc. For instance, let us say that you are thinking to write on the theme of personal responsibility.

Rather than trying to consciously develop that theme at first, just jot down every image or word than comes into your head.

Tutors are exceptionally well qualified, with university degrees in writing or journalism and most have more than 10 years experience in writing and publishing.

Our faculty are diverse in their background, come from across the world, and are at your disposal, to help you too get started as a professional creative writer -before, during, and after your studies.

Support from family and friends is invaluable, for they can offer nurturing, help create a suitable writing environment, and help you identify your writing strengths and weaknesses by giving honest opinions of your work.

Writers’ guides, books and articles on writing and publishing.

To understand how themes are developed, read several short stories and novels that you really like.

In a piece of creating writing it might be gradually revealed through the development of the work and may only be fully apprehended by the reader at the very end.

Nevertheless, the theme should be present from the beginning, and should exist as a unifying thread through every chapter or paragraph.

Every piece of writing, no matter whether it is a novel or a business letter, should have a dominant theme or underlying idea.

In a business letter and in technical writing, the theme should be immediately obvious and clear and should be stated.

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