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A good mentor doesn’t only suggest areas for improvement; they highlight your strengths and encourage you to embrace them.

This is just the mix of feedback that 2014 grad Hannah Brown received from her mentor.

Her writing has appeared in The New Quarterly, where she was the winner of the 2014 Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest.

She was a finalist for a National Magazine Award and One of my friends recommended Ayelet’s courses to me saying she was the best, so I took Ayelet’s Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction course at The University of Toronto.

We all wanted to take the courses only if Ayelet was the instructor. Ayelet’s constructive criticism of my writing was spot on.

She asks discerning questions and her comments are detailed and I could tell that she spent a lot of time with students’ writing and workshop assignments.

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Emily Mc Kibbon is a Hamilton-born, Barrie-based curator and writer.

I was invited to the 2013 Victoria Writers Festival as a writer and panelist, an experience largely due to my mentorship with Ayelet.

I highly recommend Ayelet as a writing instructor/guide for any stage and/or genre of writing.

With her sharp eye and keen insight into the spaces and gaps of my narrative I have been able to take my writing to a deeper level of truth. In fact she often answered my questions before I had a chance to ask them.

As we live on opposite ends of the country, our contact has been through a combination of Skype calls and line edits in the mail.

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