Creative Writing Course Outline Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Students who are already actively engaged writers and readers learn additional tools and insight into the craft of writing to help them further hone their skills and encourage their creative as well as academic growth.

This course is built to state standards and informed by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards.

Through writing practice and reflection, the course explores contemporary developments in a range of genres, introducing students to issues, techniques and contexts of contemporary writing.

The class will also emphasize multi-cultural, multi-generational, mythological, and ecological topics.

Students study short stories by authors such as Bharati Mukherjee and Edgar Allan Poe, learning how to create believable characters and develop setting and plot.

Likewise, students read poetry by canonical greats such as W. Yeats and Emily Dickinson as well as contemporary writers such as Pablo Neruda, Sherman Alexie, and Alice Notley.

This is a creative writing course for students who wish to concentrate on poetry writing.

Through lecture, discussion, assigned reading, writing exercises, poetry writing, and critiques of student writing in a workshop mode, the students will examine critically the elements of literary creation.

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