Creative Writing Course Description High School

Through frequent and diverse exercises, students develop their use of voice, imagery, characterization, dialogue, and narration.

Students work in poetry, prose poetry, drama, and fiction.

During her time at Columbia, she has worked as a high school writing instructor and teaching site coordinator for the Columbia Artist/Teachers (CA/T) program.

Shelby Wardlaw is a Fiction graduate student in Columbia's creative writing MFA. She received an MA in comparative literature from the University of Colorado, and a BA in English and Russian from Vassar College.

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Journalism: Students produce a news blog, including but not limited to campus and neighborhood news, book/music/art/restaurant reviews, interviews/profiles, and op-eds.

Adriana Socoski is an MFA candidate in poetry and an Undergraduate Creative Writing Program Teaching Fellow at Columbia University.

Adriana is the winner of Columbia University’s 2015 Bennett Poetry Prize, selected by Carl Phillips, sponsored by the Academy of American Poets, and published on .

She will be teaching essay writing in Columbia's Undergraduate Writing Program next year.

She has taught literature in some way, shape, or form for five years and absolutely loves it.

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