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Gotham Writers Workshop is a creative home in New York City and Online where writers develop their craft and come together in the spirit of discovery and fellowship.We’ve been teaching creative writing and business writing since 1993.

Upon hearing that, a man I met in a hostel over breakfast asked me to listen to his poem to see if it was publishable, even though, not being a poet, I have no credentials for evaluating his text.The regular workshops are 7.30-9.30pm on Wednesday evenings in Muswell Hill, N10.The groups are small, supportive, motivational and tailor-made, with no more than 10 in each workshop. The focus is not on critique but on the writing itself, on exploring the process.A man writes in a garret, his pages lit by the faint glow of a lamp. And he is writing a story -- perhaps about a road trip.Ideas are spilling madly from his cerebral cortex to the page. I know that is the image in most people’s brains because it is the one I’ve read or heard described hundreds of times by the news media, in popular culture, by writers themselves, in books written by writers on writing, by my students and by friends.Nichola is the group facilitator and will guide you through a series of fast paced creative writing exercises.The workshops are our monthly Themed Workshops (which focus on different areas such as character, poetry and story) and our blocks of three workshops throughout the year.But it’s useful to have advice and information within easy reach.We’ve put together all kinds of resources to guide your journey as a writer, including Gotham books.We’ve been practicing this philosophy for more than two decades, and it’s made us the leading private writing school in the world.Creative Writes has been providing regular creative writing workshops across London since 2009.

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