Creative Resume Writing

It shouldn't take recruiters five minutes to figure out your name because you wrote it in some hard-to-read font.

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Unfortunately, they're also a great way to annoy recruiters who are attempting to sift through hundreds of other resumes. Are you applying to a graphic design firm, a funky art gallery, or an uber-hip ad agency?The important thing to remember when creating your CV is to keep it relevant to your industry.For creative roles your imagination is your boundary, however for more professional and corporate roles opt for clean layouts and simple designs (which can still be very creative).And that means not copying other people's creative resume ideas.If your goal is to be unique, why would you steal someone else's concept?Hopefully the above 17 Resume Designs have given you some real inspiration and food for thought to go out there and secure your next big opportunity.With many of the above designs available to download online it’s not as difficult as you think to create a beautiful resume template.Using hot pink paper may make your resume stand out, but what does it say about your skills?Make sure you're communicating a distinctive skill set through your idea and its execution.Chances are, hiring managers will appreciate a traditional resume that gets straight to the point: your professional experience. If they ask for a basic resume in 12-point font, don't send them a hand-lettered masterpiece.The Key(word) to Success One of the biggest risks of using a creative resume isn't annoying an over-worked recruiter.

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  1. Nevertheless, easy or not, it’s definitely worth acknowledging it in your personal statement, because the admissions tutor will have noticed – so it’s no use pretending it’s not the case and hoping they won’t notice.