Creative Problem Solving Questions

Questions about problem solving will typically arise within a competency based interview and will require you to demonstrate your particular approach.Questions about problem solving can be asked in a range of different ways, but some common examples of problem solving are: Effective problem solving requires a combination of creative thinking and sound analytical skills.There are a number of forms that a problem solving question can take, but the majority of them will be scenario-based.Employers may base problem solving questions around three main areas: Some employers believe that the way you approached a situation in the past is a good indicator of how you will approach a challenging situation in the future.Without suitable processes in place, your solutions may fail or they could even create additional problems.A good problem-solving process involves four fundamental stages: problem definition, devising alternatives, evaluating alternatives and then implementing the most viable solutions.In every sector, problems are inevitable and will arise in one form or another as you go about your day-to-day duties.

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Strong problem-solving skills can be hugely beneficial for your career.Employers look for hires who can demonstrate each of these skills in the workplace to deliver positive outcomes.Managers would far rather employ a member of staff who can take action to resolve a problem than someone who doesn't act and relies on someone else to think of a solution.Most other processes reserve the divergent thinking for the generating ideas stage, but use it nowhere else.CPS multiplies the power of divergent thinking by making it part of the entire process.Indeed, most problems are solved using known solutions.Creativity is solving problems in new and better ways.Even if it isn't outlined as a requirement in a job description, many employers will still be evaluating your problem-solving ability throughout the application process.Effective problem solvers are those who can apply logic and imagination to make sense of the situation and develop a solution that works.Creativity is how your organization becomes truly innovative, and how it and uncovers new, different, and market-making opportunities.The word "creative" in the title refers to the results you seek: novel and useful solutions, not just tried and true and traditional ones. It is not new thinking at every stage of the process.

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