Creative Homework Assignments

Below each of the three slides serves to: 1) state the problem 2) frame the approach and 3) lay out hypotheses to explore.

Next, you want to make your solution jump off the page.

A teacher loves nothing more than a creative student.

If you are left to pick your homework assignments in different subject, you should have fun.

Acknowledging and highlighting the key drawbacks from your proposed solutions demonstrates a maturity in your approach to product development.

It shows your cognizant of downsides and can push the discussion forward to how to mitigate issues versus trying to sweep them “under the rug.”Depending on the particular problem, you could also highlight next steps that the team should consider taking.

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Students who miss meeting the assignments’ deadline due to illness or family emergency will have the opportunity to make up for the missed work. Homework is a necessary adjunct to classroom teaching, and all students can expect to receive homework on a regular basis.For analytically heavy exercises, where wireframes don’t make sense, consider displaying quantitative insights in a visually compelling manner (e.g., starting with a single chart that illustrates the point).Wireframe #1: Provides a glimpse of the 1st proposed feature with key ideas highlighted Finally, no solution is perfect — even the ones that get implemented in real products!You should find what you like about the subject and do it.Listed below you will find some creative homework ideas for different subjects.The main purposes generally associated with homework assignments are as follows: The goal of preparation homework is to lay groundwork for an upcoming lesson.This type of work is most often reading, but it can also consist of library or internet research, completing a worksheet, gathering a number of items from home to bring to class, or answering questions designed to get the student thinking about a specific topic.A typical homework assignment presents a product problem (e.g., “Explain how you’d solve for…”), a suggested time commitment (e.g., “Spend no more than 6 hours…”) and sometimes comes with an associated data pack (especially for analytically oriented roles).Simple answer: it provides deeper insight into how a candidate problem solves.) and serves as a useful illustration of how to approach to exercise. As a PM, you’ll face myriad problems every day and you’ll have to prioritize 1) which problems to solve and 2) how to solve those particular problems.The PM homework assignment typically drills deep into the latter part, striving to see how you work when you have some breathing time to explore the problem space — which is often a realistic approximation of the on the job experience.

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