Creative And Critical Thinking

If it isn’t, then it’s reasonable to go back to the drawing board until the solution meets these criteria.

However, such assessment may not be possible in some cases; perhaps crucial, relevant knowledge (which may be needed to assess such logic and feasibility) may not be readily available for solving the problem and, thus, a collation of insight and the ability to think outside the box may be an attractive alternative.

Creative and critical thinking often get ‘lumped together’ as buzzwords within the realm of educational outcomes and, as a result, people often try to draw links between the two.

While they may share some common features, the two processes in fact have just as many differences as similarities.

By examining both thoroughly, we can see their strengths as processes, and indeed how one can enhance the other.

When a person thinks, they may have a goal in mind; other times, they might let their imaginations run wild; for example, coming up with stories or jokes.

Of course, the reactions generally range from sarcastic snickering to bewilderment and disgust.

I promptly add that I neither advocate this position, nor do I support such violence; but, such action would likely put an end to the crisis. Thought & knowledge: An introduction to critical thinking (5th Ed.).

Though this solution has great potential, I add, it’s not feasible – morally, politically or economically.

It is worth noting that though this may sound like a useful skill, in the absence of thinking, creative thinking alone is not particularly practical for solving problems or drawing conclusions regarding issues we care about (Sternberg, 2002).

Though creative thinking is utilized when relatively novel tasks or situations are encountered (Sternberg, 2005), it is vital that be engaged when the novel tasks or situations require careful consideration (i.e. Raising the achievement of all students: Teaching for successful intelligence.

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