Covering Letter For Internship

If they cannot give you a name for confidentiality reasons, then find out who is the head of the department your internship is in and address it to them.If that name is also unavailable, address it to someone in HR.So before you start writing your letter, make sure you have all this information ready.

You also need to demonstrate that you have specific skills and abilities that would be of particular benefit.It can also feel daunting trying to demonstrate that you will be an asset to the company when you are just starting out in the world of work.But with the right knowledge and approach, anyone can write a sparkling cover letter that will make the recruiter take notice.Don't say, "I'm a great team player." Instead describe a situation where you worked successfully as part of a team.Emphasise skills or experience that other candidates are unlikely to have, and those that align you most closely with the company’s core values and ambitions.You may find opportunities to meet staff at careers fairs or similar events.if it feels appropriate, consider contacting relevant team members through the company's website or on social media.If a name is not given in the internship posting, you might need to do a bit of detective work.Start by ringing or emailing the company to ask for the name of the person who will be reading the internship cover letters.Open your letter by addressing the reader by their first name and surname, or Mr/Ms and their surname.Avoid using Mrs/Miss unless you are certain this is their preferred title.

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