Cover Letter To Temp Agency

Name three adjectives each followed by a succinct explanation. Can you follow directions, provide an authentic answer and give them a peak into what it’s like working with you? Answering these questions takes practice; editing and thought so don’t expect your first attempt to hit a home run. Avoid humor and don’t make a joke of your response. Balance the time required to thoroughly respond with the possibility that your cover letter may never be read.

In the second paragraph tell us why you think you are well suited for the role”. Write about: The employer who listed the warning above simply meant that applicants who don’t follow instructions will be disqualified.

Dear Employer Dear Sir or Madam To Whom it May Concern Some people use the salutation Dear Hiring Manager.

This can be an issue if the person who reads the letter does not have that title.

You may have 5 or ten adjectives but leave it at 3. If you are searching for a role in accounting, administration, finance, human resources, marketing or operations in the San Francisco Bay Area, call us today.

Menlo Partners Staffing, a Peninsula based employment agency (650)752-6193.

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