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With resumes you can get away with shrinking the font sizes and margins if you really need to fit in extra information, but this is questionable with cover letters.

Go for 0.75″ or 1″ margins and at least size 10 font.

Plus, “investment banking cover letter” is one of the top 10 search terms visitors use to find this site – so you must be looking for a template.

The Template & Tutorial Let’s jump right in: Keep your cover letter compact and avoid 0.1″ margins and size 8 font.

Do it like this junior financial analyst resume sample: Expert Tip: Need more value in your entry-level financial analyst resume? List it right to show you’re in in the Meredith Whitney zone.

These entry-level financial analyst resume examples give the plan: it’s impressive.

Talented CFA with strong data mining and Oracle skill-sets, seeking to drive big-picture results for Karen F. As financial advisor at Charles Schwab, used analytics tools like SQL and Excel spread comps to maintain client earnings 8% above company average.With inside knowledge of key industry players and in-depth research, Tom helps job seekers with advice across all professions and career stages. But hey, we already have resume templates that everyone is using, so why not go a step further and give you a cover letter template as well?Boosted client revenue by 15% and beat benchmark satisfaction scores by 20% ..In 2018, you’ll get more ROA if you say how you can help.“My name is John Smith and I am currently a 3rd year economics major at UCLA.I recently met Fred Jackson from the M&A group at Goldman Stanley during a presentation at our school last week, and was impressed with what I learned of your culture and recent deal flow.Stock it with pro-bono work, volunteer gigs, and freelance work.Add projects and financial analyst duties at non-analyst jobs. Here’s resume magic: Every inch of your finance analyst resume counts—even the education section.With resumes there were a couple different templates depending on your level – but with cover letters that’s not necessary and you can use the same template no matter your background.Ok, maybe they do things differently in Australia (just like with resumes) but aside from that there is no reason to write a multi-page cover letter.

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