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Also determine who is in charge of the respective systems (in corporate environment, usually one person’s assistance from the company is required in this regard).

Always keep some specialists who work on many different types of operating systems, servers or databases and properly educate those specialists in investigative techniques.

Try the very best to save the data from the current applications as much safe as possible, properly record all active windows or other shell sessions, and photograph the scene.

Also make notes of everything that is done even when copying the data from a live computer of a suspect, save open files to external storage medium such as a hard drive or on a network share (if somehow the saving mentioned is causing problems then save with some new titles), then close applications and shut down the computer.

The purpose of this paper is to review the basic methodologies and the appropriate processes that a computer forensic investigator goes through in conducting an investigation.

It will give an idea to the reader about the planning and organization of an investigator who is involved in a computer related crime, the ways in which he will conduct the investigation such as basic preparation, use of the required tools and techniques, acquisition and analysis of the data, role in giving testimony, use of forensic laboratories or the guidance of all the staff working under the main investigator and even planning network forensics all of which are related to his work.

In order to do this, some answers from the victim and an informant may be needed, informant can be a detective for the case, a witness, a manager or any coworker to the specific person of interest.

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The law enforcement agencies act according to the federal freedom of information act or laws of similar descent according to their territory in all process.

The advisor can also create or help to make a search warrant by finding what is needed by the investigators for the warrant.

More brief responsibilities of the technical advisor includes to know the aspects of the seized systems, to direct the main investigator on handling sensitive material, helping in securing the crime scene, helping to plan the strategy for search and seizure (documenting it), document all the activities and helping in conducting the search and seizure.

If any evidence is discovered of a crime during the investigation then the management must be informed of the incident, checking the incident itself that it meets the elements of criminal law, work with the corporate attorney and also to see that you don’t violate any other constitutional law in all the procedure.

Preparing for a computer seizure for search operation is one of the most important point in conducting computing investigation.

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