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These hands-on experiences will give you an edge if you apply for graduate school or if you complete your bachelor’s degree at an engineering school through our engineering physics major.In fact, over 70 percent of GC physics alumni have gone on to postgraduate studies in recent years.Brian Sutter is a 2016 physics and informatics graduate.Despite facing pressure to attend an Ivy League school, Brian knew Goshen was the place where he wanted to be. The Department of Physics at Kansas State University is built around 30 highly productive faculty members whose research expertise here at K-State and world-class facilities such as Fermi National Lab, CERN, DESY (German Electron Synchrotron) Junior faculty members have won National Science Foundation's (NSF) CAREER awards and DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator awards. The programs can lead to the Bachelor of Science or Arts degree, as well as a various dual majors and minors. The highly-rigorous undergraduate program prepares graduates to be competitive in top graduate programs or for employment.Our undergraduate students work with exciting equipment normally reserved for graduate students: specialty x-ray, optics, holography and biophysics instruments, as well as optical, acoustic and physical laboratories.

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Allen Brenneman is a poet, a sculptor, an award winning photographer, a traveler and explorer. Michelle Espino, a 2014 grad who majored in physics and mathematics, is an avid Colts fan and loves listening to The Beatles.

At Goshen, Michelle balanced classes, track practices and mentoring at a local high school.

Our department does not employ teaching assistants so students work closely with professors in challenging coursework, leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in physics.

With either degree, a student may attain certification to teach at the secondary level.

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