Cosmological Argument Essay Apa 6th Edition Thesis Table Of Contents

We have idioms and expressions within our language that reflect this idea.For example, we might say that so-and-so has a lot of potential.This argument or proof proceeds from a consideration of the existence and order of the universe.This popular argument for the existence of God is most commonly known as the cosmological argument.

Aristotle observed that things/substances strive from an incomplete state to a complete state. The more complete a thing is, the better an instance of that thing it is.

For Aquinas the term motion meant not just motion as with billiard balls moving from point A to point B or a thing literally moving from one place to another.

Another sense of the term motion is one that appreciates the Aristotelian sense of moving from a state of potentiality towards a state of actuality.

We now have a second point: The cause and effect relationship among things-being-moved and things-moving must have a starting point.

At one point in time, the relationship was set in motion. If it were caused by another thing, then we have not resolved the problem of the infinite regression.

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