Corruption Essay In Urdu Language Degradation Of Moral Values Speech

Beyond being outlets to report corruption, our chapters assist people in gaining access to services and inform government entities of problems in the delivery of services.

Civil society can mobilise the greatest pressure for change by calling on governments to meet their international commitments under various treaties.

It steals vital resources from our schools and hospitals as corrupt individuals and companies evade the taxes they owe.

It can even undermine our security, as Sarah Chayes argues in her essay, if the perceived corruption of local governments makes people more susceptible to the poisonous ideology of extremists.

When people are denied their basic rights, where petty bribery is allowed to flourish and where those in power act with impunity, citizens will protest.

The challenge for governments is to meet this demand and regain trust in their management of the public good.

Bad governance distorts markets and destabilises societies, perpetuating poverty and social injustice.

Tools are also needed to combat corruption on the local level.To this end TI encourages the enforcement of international Conventions and rule-making on the home front to reign in opaque budget-making, establish greater transparency on government procurement and construction projects, and the creation of government anti-corruption watchdogs.Clean government goes hand-in-hand with clean business.While companies may be important to fighting bribery today, it’s our youth that will stanch the flow of graft tomorrow.Nearly half of the world's population (almost 3 billion people) is under the age of 25, according to the World Population Foundation.The importance of engaging youth in anti-corruption cannot be overestimated.It can help change attitudes and mores and build zero-tolerance for corruption where the problem is seen as an acceptable fact of life.With this growing sense of public responsibility, there is a massive constituency for organisations like yours who help people make their voice heard.Together, civil society and those people have great potential to sweep out corruption and say “no” to impunity. Ladies and gentlemen It is a great pleasure for me to be here at this important meeting organised by Participation Ciudadana, particularly because the subject we are addressing at this conference has shown itself to be of the utmost importance in the last few months, and that is also very relevant to this country: the role of civil society in fighting corruption.The events of 2011 have provided yet another reminder of the destructive effects of corruption, both politically and economically. But this demonstrated the very real threat faced by governments who do not stop corruption.

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