Cornell Johnson Mba Essay Poseidon Research Paper

Goals Statement: A statement of your goals will begin a conversation that will last throughout admissions process and guide your steps during the MBA program and experience.

Targeted Job Role: Target Job Company: Industry: With this incredibly precise approach to gathering information about candidates’ professional goals, Cornell Johnson is clearly conveying a desire for information only.The rest will involve fine-tuning the language, which is not necessarily easy but becomes much more so when you are working with excellent content.Cornell Johnson’s prompt states that you may use an alternate (multimedia) format for this submission.The best way to accomplish this is to first research the school to educate yourself on what it offers that directly pertains to you, your academic and professional needs, and your personal interests.Then, engage with students, alumni, and/or other representatives of the school who you feel could offer additional insight into these relevant resources and use your conversations to inform your ideas as to how you might enrich these aspects of the Cornell Johnson experience.Your table of contents can even be thematic rather than linear!Heed the school’s words: “We value creativity.” Take care, however, to not get too gimmicky.You can be especially imaginative and start your story back in the days of the dinosaurs or perhaps leap into the future and tell a story about yourself that has yet to be written.The key is identifying the approach that will best help you tell your personal story, so do not automatically restrict yourself and think too narrowly.The Cornell Strategy Guide has been fully rewritten for 2018!Not only do you get pages of advice and specific tips on how to approach the “back of the resume” creative submission (or essay, if you prefer) – but we also tell you if you can re-use what you have on hand from your MIT or NYU application (spoiler alert: maybe for MIT but probably not for NYU).

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