Contracts Essay Questions

He has had a delivery of rare wines and so decides to place an advert in Monday's edition of the ‘Wine Lovers’ Digest’, stating that he has 10 bottles of Chateau Rouge 1978 for £156 a bottle.

On Tuesday, Mary sees the advert and immediately telephones Joshua to inform him that she wishes to purchase all 10 bottles for the price stated.

Lucy refuses and informs Ferdinand that by having agreed to the exclusion clause, he no longer has a right to claim that there has been a breach of contract.

Ferdinand protests and states that he never properly read the contract so is not bound by it.

He states that he is willing to buy all 10 bottles and pay the price advertised.

He takes the car back to LAL and demands a full refund.She pays the caterers a deposit of £500 in advance, with the balance of £4,500 payable on the day before the wedding.One week before the wedding, the DJ rings Ingrid to tell her that his house has been burgled and all of his very expensive music equipment, which he needs to perform, has been stolen.As Mary cannot get through to Joshua, she leaves a message on his voicemail.On Wednesday, Charles also sees the advert and immediately telephones Joshua.Answer guidance When organising her forthcoming wedding, Ingrid hires a room at a country mansion to host the reception at a cost of £7,500.She pays a deposit of £750 upon booking, with the balance due on the day before the wedding reception.He tells her that he will be unable to perform at the wedding.Five days before the wedding, the caterers are visited by a Food Safety Officer who finds that their kitchens do not meet appropriate food hygiene requirements.Her line manager points out that the work she is doing is only done during her contractual hours.However, Sonya indicates that unless she receives an extra £50 per day, she will have to be signed off with stress.

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