Continue Your Education Essay

Melissa Fudor is currently Program Manager and Blogger for Women in Wireless in New York City.

After a year teaching English in Prague, Melissa assisted with the 9Health Fair as an Event Coordinator in Colorado, and also worked with the Communications team at the Greenbelt Foundation in Toronto.

For 16 years, we’ve been educational sponges, absorbing information from classes, lectures, and seminars on dozens of diverse topics. Like many students, I spent the better part of my academic years falling asleep in classes that were neither stimulating (Politics and the Constitution, 1867 to the Present anyone? So I still remember being thrilled as I finished the final sentence of my last college paper, thinking “There!

I’ll never have write an essay or go to school ever again! After entering the workforce, I’ve realized that learning is even more important now than it was back in my dorm room days.

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Attending conferences and networking events that cater to your industry niche are a great way to learn the ins and outs of your field and, at the same time, meet potential clients or business contacts.

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She holds a BA in History from York University in Toronto.

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