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Make sure your business plan reflects the strategy you intend to implement and that you have a viable business model.Here is an outline for your business plan - As independent bankable business planning consultants TRU Group can prepare the type of plan you need in the 2016 industrial investor environment: And if you already have a business plan we can suggest ways to improve it.Companies with technology intensity or manufacturing have added complexity.As a general rule, keep your business plan simple, focused and strategic by making strategic planning an integral part of business plan preparation.A business plan customarily has a number of major elements or sections.

In fact, conventional wisdom suggests that the executive summary, which is preceded only by the cover sheet and table of contents, should be prepared after the rest of the plan is complete.Writing a business plan involves creating a well-organized document that includes a description of your product or service, marketing plans defining your target market, financial projections, and the other essential elements that make up a high-quality business plan.After you've considered the purpose of your plan and done some background preparation, it's time to consider the actual elements that you'll include in the written document.We do ALL of the technical development your may need to make your plan operationally sound.We can assist start-up companies to obtain venture capital or other funding.For example, if you plan to work alone and perform all services personally, you might note that you anticipate no need to hire employees or engage independent contractors if the business succeeds at the levels projected in the plan.You don't want to raise any questions in the mind of your audience that aren't resolved somewhere within the plan document.We provide all of the inputs you need for your plan, for example a backed by market research.Then we can assist you with implementation too, for example by finding you investors or partners.The start-up should be seeking a minimum million injection for a technology-intensive business in manufacturing.TRU Group Inc venture assignments are non-refundable upfront retainer fee (and may include a success fee).

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