Condoms In School Essay Philosophy Essay Structure A Level

According to the New York Times, a study carried out by the American Academy of Pediatrics in April 2006, twelve-to fourteen-year-old teens exposed to sexual content through music, movies, television, and magazines are twice as likely to become sexually active within two years.Though this may hold some truth, teenagers are maturing faster in this century than any other.The teens that are sexually active will most likely have sex with or without a condom, so providing them with total confidentiality would make these teens comfortable enough to make the responsible choice to use one.

So the best way to successfully reduce these risks it to stop trying to force teens into abstinence.

If they are educated well enough on all possible options, teens are very capable of making good decisions even though such things are supposedly influencing them.

People who are against the idea of allowing teenagers to have full access to condoms because it is morally unacceptable need to realize that some teens could care less about if sex is morally just or not.

Not only is abstinence taught but it also covers contraceptive and disease-prevention methods like condom use.

If it were taught in high school than the teens would be well aware about prevention that needs to be taken care of if sexually active and the consequences of sex when protection is not used and even with a condom in use.

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