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This is another apt example of nations that do not have capital punishment with lower rates of homicides than their counterparts that enforces the death penalty.However, it is worth noting that these statistics do not mean that country that carries out the death penalty cause a brutalization effect.If this were true, then people would not do drugs, speed on highways because of the fear of being prosecuted.Human behavior and history have shown that the rational human instincts do not prevent people from committing crimes.along with the 110 states that have declared capital punishment as illegal, the European non-death penalty nation’s data reveals that the U.S has more than two times the number of homicides that of Europe (Shin, 2007).They, in the real sense, show the evidence that deterrence is not in any way causing a decline in the number of reported homicide cases per year.The American society of criminology, The Academy of Criminal of criminal justice and the law and society association carried out a survey concerning thee capital punishment.

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Would just inform the population of the law and it would be afraid so much to never commit a crime again.In 2001, Canada had a total of 554 cases of homicide which translated to a 23% decline in homicides committed before the abolition of the death penalty punishment.If the death penalty was for sure a form of deterrence, then it can be questioned why there were 167 more cases of homicide that were committed when the country had enforced the death penalty.It is, therefore, worth pointing out that the death penalty option is never a conclusive evidence or justification in the criminal justice system as a means of deterrence in preventing people from committing crimes.In Canada, the act of carrying out death penalty has proved to be an ineffective form of deterrence.The death penalty has been a debatable issue for years with its concepts of deterrence, just punishment, and retribution being disagreed upon.For it to be performed, there should be a legal trial.The country decided to abolish this form of punishment in 1976 and sought other means of punishing capital crimes.A year earlier, there were approximately 721 homicide cases committed in the country (Chandlier, 1976).Capital crimes fall into this category like murderers, adultery, rape and some types of frauds.This form of punishment was introduced in the 18th century B. in the reign of King Hammurabi of Babylon (Good, 1967).

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