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The actual components of an Introduction (including its length, complexity, and organization) will vary with the type of study being reported, the traditions of the research community or discipline in which it is based, and the style and tradition of the journal receiving the manuscript.It is helpful for the reviewer to evaluate the Introduction by thinking about its overall purpose and its individual components: problem statement, conceptual framework, and research question.

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Besides, no one will ever know that you got a paper from our company as we guarantee complete confidentiality to our customers.The purpose of the Introduction is to construct a logical “story” that will educate the reader about the study that follows. The order of the components may vary, with the problem statement sometimes coming after the conceptual framework, while in other reports the problem statement may appear in the first paragraph to orient the reader about what to expect. Other journals will place this in the Methods section. New Directions for Methodology of Social and Behavioral Sciences, No. Whether specific hypotheses or more general research questions are stated, the reviewer (reader) should be able to anticipate what will be revealed in the Methods. 3: Realizations of Brunswik's Representative Design. For example, “In this [book] section, the meaning of medical competence in the worlds of practicing clinicians is considered through the lens of an ethnographic story.The story is about the evolution of relationships among obstetrical providers and transformations in obstetrical practice in one rural town in California, which I will call ‘Coast Community,’ over the course of a decade.” For some journals, the main study variables (e.g., medical competence) will be defined in the Introduction.few studies have explored the unique stressors associated with PBL in professional education.” These statements help readers anticipate the goals of each study.In the case of the second example, the Introduction ended with the following statement: “The purpose of this qualitative study was to identify stressors perceived by physiotherapy students during their initial unit of study in a problem-based program.” In laying out the issues and context, the Introduction should not contain broad generalizations or sweeping claims that will not be backed up in the paper's literature review.Nevertheless, it is usually possible to construct at least a brief theoretical rationale for the study.The rationale in the USMLE example may be, for instance, about gender equity and bias and why these are important issues.

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