Conan Doyle Speckled Band Essay

His wife had considerable wealth that she set aside for their daughters when they married.

Roylott had a violent temper and beat to death a butler whom he suspected of theft.

He liked Indian animals, and bought a baboon and a cheetah to live on his property. As the wedding date approached, she began hearing a strange low whistle at a.m.

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The couple had twin girls, Helen and Julia, who would receive most of the money when they married. Once, angry about some theft from the house, he blamed the butler and beat him to death.

He summoned it back with a low whistle and put it back in the safe with a clang.

He wanted to kill his daughters before they married so he could claim their funds, since he would have almost no income without them.

In the end, he's much like the swamp adder - deadly when provoked.

In ''The Adventure of the Speckled Band,'' Helen Stoner asks Holmes for help when she feels threatened living with her stepfather, Dr. Roylott had a medical practice in India, where he met his wife, and the couple had twin daughters, Helen and Julia.

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