Computer Virus Research Paper Ontological Argument Essay

This paper defines a major computer security problem called a virus.

None of the published proposed systems defines or implements a policy which could stop a virus.The paths of sharing, transitivity of information flow, and generality of information interpretation are identified as the key properties in the protection from computer viruses, and a case by case analysis of these properties is shown.Analysis shows that the only systems with potential for protection from a viral attack are systems with limited transitivity and limited sharing, systems with no sharing, and systems without general interpretation of information (Turing capability).Although a considerable amount of work has been done in implementing policies to protect from the illicit dissemination of information [Bell73] [Denning82], and many systems have been implemented to provide protection from this sort of attack [Mc Cauley79] [Popek79][Gold79] [Landwehr83], little work has been done in the area of keeping information entering an area from causing damage [Lampson73][Biba77].There are many types of information paths possible in systems, some legitimate and authorized, and others that may be covert [Lampson73], the most commonly ignored one being through the user.We define a computer 'virus' as a program that can 'infect' other programs by modifying them to include a possibly evolved copy of itself.With the infection property, a virus can spread throughout a computer system or network using the authorizations of every user using it to infect their programs.Several proposed countermeasures are examined and shown to correspond to special cases of the case by case analysis of viral properties.Limited transitivity systems are considered hopeful, but it is shown that precise implementation is intractable, and imprecise policies are shown in general to lead to less and less usable systems with time.Every program that gets infected may also act as a virus and thus the infection grows.The following pseudo-program shows how a virus might be written in a pseudo-computer language.

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